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Tubular Genealogy I

Tubular Genealogy I

Race, Ethnicity, and Intersectional Identities in Family History Television and Related Practices

(p.40) 3 Tubular Genealogy I
Alternate Roots
Christine Scodari
University Press of Mississippi

The third chapter interprets discourses of post-identity, race/ethnicity, and intersections with gender and class in terms of salient issues and historical contexts such as slavery, Jim Crow, internment, and similar circumstances represented in 21st century family history TV and its reception. Reception is analyzed via ethnographic (including virtual-ethnographic) investigation. The chapter incorporates auto-ethnographic experiences and insights with regard to the processes, tools, and outcomes of genealogical practices, considering their bearing on the investigation’s critical trajectory, as well as the implications of racial, ethnic, and intersected modalities of identity as inferred from genealogical documents.

Keywords:   Genealogy Television, Postracism, Audience Participatory Cultures, Ethnicity/Race in U.S. History, Intersectionality

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