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How the Masters of Horror Master Their Personae

How the Masters of Horror Master Their Personae

Self-Fashioning at Play in the Masters of Horror DVD Extras

(p.193) How the Masters of Horror Master Their Personae
American Horror Film
Ben Kooyman
University Press of Mississippi

Masters of Horror is a television anthology series that debuted on October 28, 2005, on U.S. cable network Showtime. Each season comprises thirteen self-contained hour-long episodes, each directed by a different “Master of Horror”: a director deemed to have made a significant contribution to the horror genre. This chapter offers a deconstructive analysis of both the Master label and the self-fashioning motifs that run through the DVD extras, and explores tensions circulating around and within the project, with a particular focus on directors Stuart Gordon and John Landis, their season-one episodes, and the accompanying DVD paratexts. It is argued that the assortment of tensions constituting the series is dialectical.

Keywords:   American horror film, television anthology, Stuart Gordon, John Landis

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