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“All Stories Are True”

“All Stories Are True”

Palimpsestic Storytelling

(p.15) Chapter One “All Stories Are True”
All Stories Are True
Tracie Church Guzzio
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter shows how the Ibo saying “all stories are true” suggest a way of reading Wideman’s chronicle of his family and the history of the community and the race. The statement and its appearance in his canon direct readers to a meditation on history itself, the nature of storytelling, and the dialogue between cultural discourses. This can also be extended into a consideration of Wideman’s style and how it reflects his content. His “palimpsestic” storytelling can be seen through the intratextual and intertextual interaction of multiple perspectives, narrators, versions of stories, and discourse modes. This allows Wideman to engage both the European and African traditions in his narratives as dialogic and contrapuntal texts.

Keywords:   nature of storytelling, Ibo saying, cultural discourses, palimpsestic storytelling, contrapuntal texts

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