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Deconstructing History

Deconstructing History

Trauma and The Auenation Narratiyes

(p.48) Chapter Two Deconstructing History
All Stories Are True
Tracie Church Guzzio
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter focuses on the revision of the “master tropes” in nearly all of John Edgar Wideman’s work, especially in the earliest novels. In works such as A Glance Away, Hurry Home, and The Lynchers, the trope of the alienated African American intellectual is particularly pervasive. However, the image continues to appear, even in his most recent novel, Fanon. The dialectic between the Western hegemonic tradition and the African American tradition imbues Wideman’s work with its hybridity and its interplay of “all stories.” This can sometimes produce limiting metaphors and images of African American experience. Nonetheless, these stories and tropes are reinscribed and revised throughout the scope of Wideman’s work.

Keywords:   master tropes, alienated African American, Western hegemonic tradition, African American tradition, limiting metaphors

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