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Africa for Africans and Asia for Asians

Africa for Africans and Asia for Asians

Japanese Pan-Asianism and its Impact in the Post–World War I Era

(p.117) Africa for Africans and Asia for Asians
Anywhere But Here
Keiko Araki
University Press of Mississippi

Keiko Araki’s “Africa for Africans and Asia for Asians.” Japanese Pan Asianism and Its Impact in the Post WWI Era,” explores the history of Japanese nationalists, who, in the process of forging a Pan-Asianist movement, looked at Pan-Africanism as a model in their mutual struggle against Eurocentric racism. Garvey, in turn, observed Japan as a model for Black people. He saw Japan as a non-European power seeking to secure its presence on the world stage. Pan-Asianists appreciated Garvey’s rhetoric as a useful tool in challenging the position of racial inferiority to which European powers had relegated them. But their idea of self-determination had a problematic flip-side, in that it formed the root of Japan’s own imperialist’s designs in the region, at which point Garvey’s Pan-Africanism and Pan-Asianism part ways.

Keywords:   Pan Asianism, Pan Africanism, Japan, Imperialism, Africa, Marcus Garvey

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