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Governmental Colonizing Rhetoric During Indian Removal

Governmental Colonizing Rhetoric During Indian Removal

(p.37) Chapter Two Governmental Colonizing Rhetoric During Indian Removal
American Indians and the Rhetoric of Removal and Allotment
Jason Edward Black
University Press of Mississippi

Chapter Two examines colonizing U.S. governmental discourse surrounding the Indian Removal Act of 1830 by positioning it in the crucible of Jacksonian era ideologies. Specifically, the chapter contends that as the executive, legislative and judicial branches codified the removal policy they overcame disagreements regarding Native policies and American Indian identities. The Indian removal debate significantly reduced such uncertainties for U.S. leaders and constructed American Indians as perpetual wards of a paternal government. These colonizing identity dynamics would remain intact until the dawning of the allotment era in the 1880s. The government’s removal era rhetoric punctuated the colonized identities of itself and Native communities by fomenting a cultural hierarchy.

Keywords:   Indian removal, Jacksonian ideologies, Colonization, Paternalism, American Indians

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